Dr. Otto Corretjer Benvenutti Scholarship

Dr. Otto Corretjer Benvenutti Scholarship

Dr. Otto awards

May 28, 2019 • Congratulations to the recipients of the Dr. Otto Corretjer Benvenutti Scholarship awards.

The Dr. Otto Corretjer Benvenutti Scholarship is named in memory after one of our Founding members, Dr. Otto Corretjer Benvenutti, who was a very dedicated member and extremely involved in community service.

The scholarship is granted to a graduating high school student from the public system with qualities such as outstanding academia, leadership skills and who has done community service.  The student submits a portfolio with his/her accomplishments during the years and the Club Committee chooses the student based on the following characteristics:  Academic Achievement of 3.5 +; Community Service; Leadership; and Low Income.

This year thanks to the Fundraising Committee and a Rotary district grant we were able to handout $3,050 among 4 students.

We expect to donate more this year with the help of several donors!