Rotary Youth Leadership Awards (RYLA)


Welcome to the RYLA adventure! The RYLA Puerto Rico is sponsored by the Rotary Clubs and the 7000 District of Puerto Rico.

RYLA is a three-day camp for selected participants aimed at developing leadership skills for high school youth. Participants are assigned to a group from the moment they arrive at the facilities and remain working as a team during the weekend. Each group consists of about 6 to 8 students, 2 youth facilitators, and 1 adult facilitator.

Students participate in different sessions designed to challenge the group. The members learn to overcome obstacles when working together. Friendships developed over the weekend can last a lifetime!

The Dorado Rotary Club last year started inviting Tasis Students as well as a student from Dorado Academy. This the first year that the Club has had the participation of the three high schools in Dorado. Our intention is to unite the schools in order to have a blend of different economic status groups with students eager to work together in serving the community of Dorado.

Since RYLA helps students on a personal level and Congress of Leadership on a professional level, the same students of RYLA will go to Congress of Leadership.

Current Projects