Hogar Ruth – Home For The Protection of Women From Domestic Violence


Hogar Ruth is a non-profit domestic violence service shelter near the city Vega Alta in Puerto Rico. Since its establishment in 1984, the shelter has continually expressed its concerns about the absence of specialized services for victims of domestic abuse and survivors of domestic violence and their children. Named after the biblical woman Ruth, it symbolizes a woman who overcomes all obstacles and challenges in life and with determination becomes successful.  Hogar Ruth primarily targets victims of domestic violence, including their daughters and sons, in complete confidentiality.

As a means to alleviate the devastation of these victims, the shelter offers an innumerable amount of rehabilitative programs and educational services.  The services include but are not limited to, crisis intervention, legal intercessory and services through the courts in Arecibo, Bayamon, and San Juan, workshops for economic self-management, and ambulatory services. Hogar Ruth also provides victims and their children with psychological, scholastic, and transitional housing programs.

Current Projects