Congreso de Líderes

Congress of leaders May 2019 1

The Congress of Leadership of Puerto Rico has been recognized as the only organized leadership development program for outstanding students in Puerto Rico and Latin America.

It fosters direct access to today’s potential student leaders who are the ones who shape, direct and influence the behavior and decisions of all Puerto Rican youth as leader models and as the best investment.

The students selected to participate in the Leaders’ Congress of Puerto Rico should be considered a priority for our country. They are those who see themselves as leaders of the 21st Century to avoid and solve the problems of other social groups such as: the elderly population, the sick, groups with problems of delinquency and / or addiction, school dropouts, abused people, etc. “They will be the ones in charge of the fields of medicine / science / health, education, industry and commerce, law, technology, engineering, the arts, the news media and public, professional and civic services, among many others.”

The Leaders’ Congress of Puerto Rico achieves a personal and direct encounter between prominent leaders of the most important institutions of our country and outstanding young people of the Superior Schools and university alumni and professionals of the Congress of PR Leaders.

The Congress will have students from all regions and communities of our country. Our programs have more than 35,500 Puerto Rican youth and adult alumni who today distinguish themselves in the best universities in Puerto Rico and the world and as outstanding professionals in our country and abroad.

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